We take Rough Houses, which have been written off and forgotten, and give them new life.


Born Again Restored has all of your needs covered – from residential remodels to design consultation. Specifically, we bring new life to long forgotten homes with a long-term goal of revitalizing the neighborhoods and communities in which they sit. Families grow and memories are made in our homes. That’s not something we take lightly. Our homes are carefully designed to maximize the functionality while maintaining the integrity of the neighborhood. Our thoughtful design and use of materials pay homage to the site's history and enchourage intentional community-building.


Nick and Jaime Parker are Born Again Restored!


They were high school sweethearts before Nick swept Jaime off her feet and never looked back! Married at just nineteen years old they were driven to create their own path for the future. Houses are their passion.  

Jaime first got the renovation bug when she was able to assist Habitat for Humanity in the building of her sister’s house in the late 1990’s.  Nick’s love for craftsmanship first came from watching his grandfather in his woodworking shop. He quickly learned the basics of building and, at twelve years old, began making model homes from balsa wood.

Nick and Jaime have five children that require juggling many balls and wearing many hats. If not on the job with Nick and Jaime, the kids can be found building forts, playing sports, and tending to their various animals.


Nick Parker
The motivator, muscle, problem-solver and expert coffee-maker.

Nick spent his childhood rummaging through construction sites, building forts, and running his small businesses. His passion for building stemmed from watching his grandfather in his workshop building furniture. At the age of 11, Nick started Prestige Lawn Care, his own business which fueled his entrepreneurial spirit into his early 20's. Although the skills would eventually change, the knowledge attained during these years would prove vital as his passion for home-building was born. Nick received a football scholarship to attend college where he quickly accelerated and was recruited to tryout for the NFL. Although God had different plans that didn't include football, Nick graduated in just three and a half years with a degree in Business Management. After college, Nick and Jaime fueled their passion for houses. To them, it was never about how many houses they could "fix" but rather how impactful they could be in the neighborhood. Nick oversees the construction teams, and would rather be tearing out walls and rebuilding the home than sitting behind a desk. It’s rare to see Nick without a tool in his hand. Nick loves being part of every detail during the construction process and teaching others the how and why.


Jaime Parker
The dream-chaser, designer, number-cruncher and expert coffee-drinker.

Jaime grew up on her family horse farm in Southwestern Michigan. Her love of weathered yet functional material was born as the surrounding community offered countless barns and structures standing the test of time. Her childhood showed her that hard work does not come easy as farm life has constant responsibilities. Jaime has always thrived in challenging environments.  Jaime graduated from college in just three years with a major in Human Biology and a minor in Business Management. After graduation, Jaime honed her project and personnel management as the Executive Director of various assisted living facilities. After the birth of her fourth son, Jaime determined it was time to pursue a career that offered greater flexibility and creativity. Drawing inspiration from her childhood, she plunged into building a design business. Her style partners the old and new, uses pops of color against neutral tones and incorporates unexpected patterns whenever possible.