We take Rough Houses which have been written off and forgotten about and give them new life.



design services

All of our projects include our exclusive Design Services.  From home decor selection to a floor plan redesign, we'll work to make your home the best version of itself.


Restoring - Old

We specialize in bringing older homes back to their former glory and in turn, reviving neighborhoods and communities. We call these “Rough House Projects” and it’s where lives are changed!


Building - New

Through careful use of scale and materials, your new house will look and feel like it’s always been home.  Our exclusive Design and Build process simplifies the home building procedure.

Clean Farmhouse - City Living


Dallas St, Downtown Broken Arrow is a snapshot of small town America and centrally located in the heart of the Rose District.  Although the original structure could not be salvaged this new custom boasts the same first floor footprint as the original.  Detailed lap siding, salvaged brick pathway, and a hand-crafted copper lantern are just a few of the details which make this house a home.




Small footprint packing a BIG punch


Open living with character around every corner. Salvaged pieces perfectly incorporated offer a pop of color and functionality. Clean lines and simple designs with an emphasis on the use of space.



A home with a story to tell


When this house was purchased it was in horrible shape. The city was pressing for demolition and the neighbors were ashamed as they drove past it daily.  The goal of the renovation was simple: Maintain the original features of the home at all costs! Although there were things that required updating such as the HVAC, electrical and plumbing, we were able to replace everything with minimal damage to the structure. What damage was done was repaired, the finishes which were added resembled original pieces true to the history of the home. This would become the new home for Restore House.  



The perfect retreat from life


A kitchen that beckons for a hearty stew or warm apple pie.  A master bathroom that is a spa-like retreat from the long days at the office.  A den that is quaint where you lose yourself in your new novel.  A home away from home, right where you need it most.



Understated beauty - simple elegance


A four square with a wraparound front porch on a corner lot, what’s not to love? Salvaged pavers and soft landscaping lead the way to an interior which pays homage to the 1920’s original design. The vintage farmhouse sink, barn beam slab shelves and reclaimed wall planks bring character into the space. Soft tones and subtle hints of color warm the rooms in this beautiful residence.



Simplicity of life on the farm


This farmhouse sat empty for almost a decade before the current owners decided it needed to be reborn.  The structure was Restored with a clean modern farmhouse style offering an inviting atmosphere to all who enter.